Someday Peace Love & Freedom

by Nhojj



What listeners are saying:
• “Rich, raw grace…” – Kyana
• “I’ve ranked your album as my top five of 2003” – ByRon
• “The man wails to the heavens on “Free” like the lord wasn’t listening” – Ty

Reggae-flavored conversation is a response to the world of 9/11. These 12 songs explore the relationship between society and self, and document my journey from despair to hope.

Windy City Times
The aptly titled Someday Peace Love & Freedom by Nhojj, is acoustic soul music with a message. Addressing homelessness (“The Beggar’s Cup”), settling disagreements (“Peace”), ending ignorance and hate (“Fighting For Love,” “Someday”), and loss (“I Miss You”), Nhojj does it all with an island flavor and the resolve of church music.

LOGO-Magazine - UK's #1 Free New Music Magazine
If Wyclef is the new face of social conscience and Arrested Development its history, then Caribbean-born, NY-raised Nhojj is its voice. What a voice. It manifests itself through his throat as a honeyed, subdued and unadorned combination of Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye; it manifests itself through his fingers when he writes simple plainsong that sounds like it was birthed in the cotton fields; it manifests itself in an imagination that has created a hybrid of soft southern soul, folk and jazz-reggae. His is a voice that is as familiar as an old friend, as comforting as a happy memory, as stirring as the first flush of love. His is a voice that speaks from every orifice, hear it.

The Gauntlet - University of Calgary, Canada
Someday Peace Love and Freedom shines with a vision often missing in today's society. A sense of disintegration which seems to have incapacitated us, like freedom songs of the past left with nothing but a paucity for their artists' ideals. But alone in your car on some isolated road, you can still hear the echo of the people who once trusted these morals, and those who still do. It is Nhojj's poetic sensibilities found through his sophomore album which evoke such striking textures. Nhojj's voice resonates with the trust that as long as new generations are forthcoming, our hearts will continue to question the world's ethics and their correspondence to our natural beliefs. He does this by bringing indignation into soulful hymns of faith, juxtaposing anthems of spoken word against tracks with gentle beats, serene acoustics and gentle humming. The result is a record of dynamic harmony. He not only wrote, but also produced, arranged and mixed by Nhojj. Clearly demonstrating the importance of understanding oneself to understand the world, he alludes to Marley's former call for "one love, one heart" with "someday we'll get together, someday we'll feel alright." Recognizing the past, he visualizes the future, trusting time will bring us forward. This is an album which brings hope and whose message we all should heed.

CD Reviews
Nhojj is a one-man orchestra. He recorded, produced, and wrote everything on this record. The underbelly of the music is relatively sparse: electronic loops of percussion and accompaniment influenced by dub, soul, and reggae. The back-up is sparse for good reason, though, as it really only serves as a platform for Nhojj's choirs upon choirs of black gospel, all himself, all singing with a mastery of falsetto like that of Prince himself. The melodies are brilliant, the production is nuanced, but most of the accolades for this record are rightfully attributed to Nhojj's singing, consistently better than 700 angels. While most modern R&B singing is mindlessly acrobatic and ornate, Nhojj's delivery is based more on harmonies than on improvisational soloing. The vocals (from who knows how many takes) can swell, rise, build tension, and then can drop off to almost nothing. The man can sing. Nhojj's gospel roots that lift his record above most others.

Generation Q-WRSU 88.7 FM & WBAI 99.5 FM
You have a voice that can hit notes that only bats can hear. It's phenomenal. And on the song "More Love" I liked that there are all different kinds of love. There is the romantic aspect but there is also the spiritual dimension. Nhojj is a Poet!

After Hours, KPFT-90.1FM - Houston, Texas
I like Nhojj's work in both his writing and performing. I believe his writing comes from an intellectual mindset - one that is not afraid to lay his vulnerability out there for all to see (& hear). I look forward to future efforts from him.

3WBC 94.1 FM - Melbourne, Australia
This latest release by Nhojj is so different, yet vaguely familiar, that it almost defies categorisation. Touches of soul ebb and flow through the whole album whilst occasionally that light refreshing hint of reggae diverts your attention. The words are meaningful, the music is masterful, what more need one say?

Queer Radio Brisbane, Australia
Enlightenment and empowerment inherent in embracing the whole you.


released September 1, 2003

All Songs written, arranged & produced by Nhojj
Recorded at uni aum Studios
Mixed by Nhojj
Mastered by Discmakers
Photography by seân, Gerald & Jerry James



all rights reserved


Nhojj New York, New York

Combining a fine blend of diverse influences and genres, Nhojj sings his truth... living out and proud through his recordings.

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Track Name: Hold On
I laid in my bed last night
Starring up to the sky
The walls seem to be closing in around me
Tears welled up in the corner of my eye
Seems like these problems will never end
I need an answer - tell me when will this end

I know others looking in on me
Think that I have so much
they see all the things that I am doing
They don’t see me leaning on this crutch
Hope springs eternal as long as life lasts
But I need an answer - tell me when will this end

Hold on
Hold on
Hold on
Track Name: Free
Cut the strings untie the things
That keep you down, bound, facing ground
Lost now found
Undo the knot that keeps you caught
Wrought in despair, change is here
So calm your fears

No more disillusions
No more pain regrets
No more running scared when things don’t turn out right
No more sad heartbreaks
No more broke heartaches
No more wondering what will happen to me in the end
Free I want to be free

I want to soar, I want to fly
High in the sky no more to cry
Or watch love go by
One step at a time is how I’ll climb
Won’t stop until I reach the top
Track Name: Peace
What would you do if you saw 2 children arguing?
What would you do if one of them was your own?
Now what would you do if they broke out into a fight?
How long would it take for you to call for… Peace

Would if matter which child was right or which was wrong?
Would it matter which child struck the first blow?
Would it matter which religion each child belonged to?
No it wouldn’t matter at all; you’d just want some… Peace

Well if this is what we want for our children
Why don’t we want if for ourselves?
War is never the answer, so lift your voice and call for… Peace
Track Name: Begging for...
We're all rich, yet we're all poor
What's important is to find out
What you're begging for...
Track Name: The Beggar's Song
I am begging at this corner
I am lying here in rags
But I don't need no money
I want something that will last

I am sitting in the sunshine
But all I feel is rain
I wish I knew the answers
So I could end this pain

Winter is coming
But I have no where to go
I hope I don't die this time around
I hope I find my way back home

Cause they say that I cannot live out here in the streets
They say this is no place for me to be
They say this box is not a home
They say that man cannot live alone

That's why my hands they are trembling
Cause I'm tired and I'm scared
Tonight my cup is empty
It hasn't been filled in years

So put a little bit a love in my cup now
Put a little bit of love today
Put a little bit a of love in my cup
Put a little bit of love today.
Track Name: Fighting for Love (The Warrior's Song)
I am a warrior preparing for war
I am a warrior I step through this door
The enemy is ignorance, the enemy is hate
I am a warrior, I’m fighting for love
Track Name: Lost/Found
I once was lost but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see

I had been bound, my head facing down
And I stayed there out of my fear
I shut out the light, lost all my sight
Believe the lies and your soul dies

Felt like a jail, set up to fail
Glued to a box, couldn’t hear life knocks
Place I had been, knew I couldn’t win
Believe the lies and your soul dies
Track Name: U
U are my sun U are my moon
My universe revolves around U
U are my light my day and night
Clouds part when U enter the room
U are the wind U are the rain
Wash me make me whole again
U are my life U are my life

This morning as I gaze at Ur sleeping face
There’s so much that I want to say
I want to tell U now how much U mean to me
I want to tell U now U mean the world to me

I’d be lost and lonely without U
I’d be like a ship afloat without a sail
I’d do anything to spare U pain
I’d give up everything to live this way
Track Name: I Miss U
Remember how we used to touch
Remember how we used to kiss
Before we fell this far apart
Remember your hands in mine
Fingers running down my spine
Before we became so self involved

Remember how you used to smile
Every time I touched your…
Remember the love in your eyes
Every time your lips met mine

I miss U
I miss U
I miss U
Track Name: Love Again
My heart’s been waiting, anticipating
For you to come and love me again
My heart’s been longing for some belonging
For you to come and love me again
Love me again.
Track Name: A New Me
I open my eyes and look around at the place I am at... I analyze it
I realize it is not the place for me to be

I see More
so I look up
past the darkness, past the pain, past the hurt, past the rain

Clouds that keep me over cast, threatening down pour upon my poor soul
I pray this storm brewing, stewing within, wouldn't catch me unprepared. Its weird I know

But I got this feeling that this ceiling I am under
will protect me
then I think.

And in my final deduction I realize this construction of ...bad habits
My ugly little rabbits that hide under
Will keep me locked in a jail spelt fail forever protected from the... Rain

So I get up from where I'm laying, staying, delaying, always saying…I will
but never willing myself to... do and

I do the impossible
I stop this emotional war. All my battles are won
Get up off this mental floor
Reach for the door that opens to ... ME. Beautiful and alive
Cause whosoever said that I was GREAT... was Right... Is Right... and will always be Right
I am!!!

But wait, don't put your hands together just yet. Listen... Listen to the calm
It’s the way our universe applauds
a new Me
Track Name: Someday
Someday we’ll get together
Someday we’ll be all right
Someday we’ll stop this hatred
That’s keeping us apart

Someday we’ll know what love is
Someday we’ll lend a hand
Someday we’ll know who God is
Someday we’ll understand

Someday I’ll look into your heart
Someday you’ll look in mine
Just think of the happiness
You and I could find

Someday we’ll hug our sisters
Someday erase the scars
Someday we’ll see our brothers
Someday remove the bars
Someday we know our children
Love them for who they are